Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Up to date iPhone 5 News

We'll be updating this article as the day goes on, 12 September being the (un)official IPhone five release day.
News so far today: ITunes version 11 to be released(possibly with Spotify streaming options and ability to use NFC payments) leaked pictures of the new IPhone's motherboard confirming a quad core A6 chip, links on the Official Apple Website for a product called ,you guessed it, iPhone 5! Don't try to follow the links there yet as they are not live.
As and when more news on the release and related information comes in we'll update this article and either confirm or deny the 'facts' we've already released.
iPod Touch and Nano will be updated too.
Possibly the new mobile will come in a variety of colour schemes, some apparently quite vibrant.
Tim Cook has just taken the stage, time to see if he lives up to the SteveJobs hype machine and also time to make the handset rumours into fact.
Would Steve Jobs have talked about a Barcelona Apple Store's building materials as part of a keynote?
Apparently Macs have outsold Pc's in the states for the last quarter,ummm well done Tim,now tell us about the new IPhone!
iPhone 5 price and release date
Photos of iPhone 5 from Keynote speech
Now on to solid IPhone 5 facts straight from the keynote:

Iphone Graphics in action
  • Resolution: 1136x640 with a 4 inch screen
  • I weighs 112grams and is 18% thinner than the 4s
  • A taller screen means some apps will have a black bar at the top and bottom,but all will still work. iLife will be one of the stock apps to get an update.
  • 4g (LTE) is supported with EE even being mentioned confirming it will have the super fast network capability in the UK and Europe too.
  • Apple claims the A6 processor is twice as fast as its predecessors.
  • An EA racing game with an unconfirmed title is being used to showcase the phones power.(This EA iPhone 5 game was later confirmed to be Real Racing 3-complete with Ghost uploads to race against friends Cars "Ghosts"

  • The battery life of the new handset will exceed that of the 4S. The fact that the battery hasn't been massively bigged up suggests that there is no major tech change there.
  • It has a 25% lighter camera with a new low light mode
  • The new connector is known as "Lightning" to match up with the Thunderbolt data Cables.
  • Say Good-Bye to Google maps and now use the new Map App which is demoed with San Fran and Westminster.
  • iOS6 allows you to sync your web browsing in Safari across devices.
  • Passbook gives you a better way to manage your e-tickeys
  • Siri is more intelligent and integrates FourSquare (no word on whether this is international)
  • Prices for the iPhone 5: 16,32 and 64GB variants are priced at $199,$299 and $399 (the same as the release price for the 4S)
  • Release Dates for iPhone 5: 19 September it ships in USA and 21 September in UK
  • Apple Earpods promise "incredible acoustic quality"
  • A new "tidier" version of Itunes with great iCloud integration is coming out in October-this new version seems to be designed solely for the iPhone and Ipad and not for PC or Mac.


  1. OOOOHhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm so excited. Keep the news coming. I need to get one by tomorrow. The hype is getting to me! :)

    1. It's all about the hype, cheers for reading Bryan we've tried to get all the crucial details down as they came out, we'll give some more in depth analysis of what the iPhone 5 is and is not over the next few days. And more importantly whether Apple's new mobile can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S3. We'll try to do a minute by minute update of AppsWorld in London next month too, you'll enjoy that if you enjoyed this blow by blow analysis of Tim Cook's keynote.


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