Friday 14 September 2012

Three Games that Increase Your Health

Have you ever considered using an app for more than just personal entertainment? How about getting some games for your mobile device that double as a workout coach or running buddy? Here are just a few of the different types of fitness apps available currently that will be able to entertain you like any other video game, but will also help you meet your fitness goals in the process!

Zombies, Run!: So you like fun zombie games for your iPhone? Zombies, Run! is the definitely for you! This app is completely interactive, and you simply begin the game each time you start your running workout. The cool thing about this game is that you can set your own course for you run, in fact, it can even be played on your home treadmill! Whatever route you decide to take, the game will communicate with you through your headphones and let you know when a flesh eating zombie is coming a little too close. If you don’t pick up your pace, you will surely be eaten. As you go throughout your run, you can collect survival supplies to ensure that you are prepared to fight off any zombies that are too close for comfort. Think of this app as a live version of any other type of “get away from the bad guys” game. You will surely be entertained and break a good sweat while playing! Zombies, Run! sells for $7.99 on the app store.

Missile Wars: If you like playing interactive multi-player video games, don’t worry, you can still work out at the same time! Missile Wars is a fun game that can be played with friends or even strangers in your vicinity who are also playing the app. It uses a gps system to show the location of other players, and any player can send a missile to a target within the surrounding area. If you are in the “blast zone” you have 60 seconds to get out of there before the missile hits and kills you. The more players involved, the more fun it is, and you can get a great workout from all that running around! Missile Wars is a free game from the app store, so it’s definitely worth a try!

Fit Freeway: If racing games are more your style, don’t just sit there while you race. Fit freeway is a cool app that allows you to become the race car on a track, and the really neat thing is that it can be used with several different types of gym equipment. So if running on the treadmill isn’t your thing, you can easily switch over to the elliptical or the stationary bike, and the motion detection used by the game will be able to monitor your progress! The app will keep you from getting bored at the gym, while also boosting your speed because the faster you move during your workout, the faster you complete your races. A free LITE version of this app is available, and the full version is only $1.99 on the app store. So you have no excuse to try it out!

By now it should be clear that apps can help you with your weight loss and dieting needs! Games don’t always have to be played sitting down! So if you are one of the “couch potato” gaming types, get up and start moving while you play! Your body will thank you in the long run.

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