Friday 21 September 2012

Magic: The Gathering now on iPad

The title says it all really: Magic : The Gathering is now on iPad! Just released the iOS collectible battling card game from Wizards on the Coast is a free download in the form of Magic 2013.
Of course in app purchases are supported but the initial starter decks are completely free with the download of Magic 2013. With the massive cult following of the premier and legendary card game we can expect it to be downloaded multiple times for the iPad, so no shortage of people to battle against then. We will be bringing a full review of Magic 2013 to you as soon as we've sorted the decks out and won our first few battles!
After a few single player games of MtG 2013 Planeswalker it's apparent that it is a classy piece of work with some vibrant art. Having never played Magic before it was quite baffling, but the tutorial and pop up hints were very handy. If you're going to take the deck building game seriously though you'll definitely need to use the in app purchase unlock. The most notable features missing from the free version are the majority of levels, only 5 levels of the single player Shandalar campaign are available but more cutting is the fact that you'll have to pay to be able to play online multiplayer.

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