Monday 1 October 2012

Super magical Hints and Tips

With its bubble popping magic creating gameplay Supermagical is an enjoyable but deep game that's crying out for a guide to beating those Magi. We've researched a lot of the sticking points of the popular iOS title to find out what you players need to get through the game. This guide is filled with firum advice, developers' comments and primetime gaming insider information.

SuperMagical Guide

Some Useful Hints
A few quick tips to get you started.Your last shot always leaves a trail which you can use to guide you next shot.
Candies aren't cheap and in some levels they're absolutely essential, so make sure you stock up.
Learn what the Magi's powers do and make sure you use

Guide to Items in Supermagical
At last here's the info you need to know on  finding the Flying Massage Bed and more!
You can always go back to previously played levels. But spend your money wisely - you'll need some coins to buy mandatory items & keys to unlock cities and areas.
 Mandatory Items
Laziness Temple > Flying Massage Bed = 500 coins
Gluttony Temple > Picture of Gluttony = 500 coins
Greed's Temple > ABBA Contract = 500 coins
Wood Towers > Wooden Key = 1000 coins
Super Dark Cave > Bright Eyed Tiger = 8000 coins
Lust's Temple > Wi-Fi Broom = 1000 coins
Iron Towers > Titanium Key = 3000 coins
Beating Eiffel Tower Supermagical
One of the harder Supermagical Levels?

Is a replayed stage Random?

If you go back to replay a stage then  the level configuration (minix colors and placement) is the same, however the magic you use will differ (the color order varies a bit)magic generated differently
Beating the Watchtower Level
 the Watchtower something...took me ages but I finally found a good Warlock combo (the polar bear and the mage that summons Floppy)
Completing the Eiffel Tower Level
It's atricky level  the Eiffel Tower level...have you selected Paracelso (the Polar Bear) for this level? He obliterates the white Minix.
What you get for achieving 3 stars in every level
Alternative ending to the game if you get 3 stars.

Supermagical Secrets
Premium Supermagical items
When to spend real money in Supermagical
With iap you could buy your way through the app but that could be very pricey, here's what we recommend spending real money on in the Supermagical game.Do not spend any money or candy on World 1 and 2 , except buying the boss fight object and the tiger and the Epic Dragon. They are quite easy, no need any upgrade nor candy to pass.
Remember to pick $300 hidden coins on each lvl and one secert money level each world.
World 3 is very difficult compare to 1 and 2, after you buy the dragon to world 3, now should consider buying the Double Soda Spell. That is the most useful upgrade I find out. However, don't buy the ingredient one by one, go to world 2 and buy the whole pack, because you can get the last ingredient at only nearly the end of the game. Now with Double Soda and all the candy you saved up, world 3 should be easier to pass. Don't hassitate on using the candy now, if nesssery, buy more sota and candy from shop to pass the level. There should be enough money left.

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