Saturday 2 February 2013

Stakemate - Bet without money.

Have you ever wanted to make bets but didn't want to involve money? Are you pretty good (or not) at betting and want to have a way to keep track of your betting record? There is an app that could be the solution to these questions. Introducing Stakemate. The developer(s) at New Dawn Entertainment have made another creative use of facebook networking with this application. Use a point system which represents respect and your betting capabilities. The bets aren't the only thing that doesn't require molah, the app is FREE as well.

    Challenge your facbook friends directly. If you have been challenged, you can make a counter bet or accept the current terms. 3rd parties(other friends who see your bet) can also get involved by betting on the outcome. This in no way affects the original bet.

    Notification settings are plentiful and useful. 

     Get to gambling (responsibly) by downloading the FREE smartphone app here from Google Play. For iOS you can get the app here. Check out another of their apps, Chilinut.

 For those whom this may apply, have a nice and safe Superbowl weekend.


  1. This is another exciting app. Playing bet is one thing I enjoy doing with my friends, though we don't use money as well.

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