Saturday 2 February 2013

Chilinut - Feeling a little Nutty?

Facebook has been strongly dominant for some years in the field of social networking. Many of us have facebook accounts and most of our friends are on there. With all these different types of app, there will be on that will find a new way to use of the power of Facebook. The developers at New Dawn Entertainment have done just that.

   Have you ever feel a little nutty or want to tell someone on your Facebook that you think they're hot? Chilinut comes up with a creative and safer method for you to do so. Hot-tag someone you admire. A flame will appear to the right of their name on the list. Then if you really think they're hot, Chili-tag them(by tagging them again) and a chile will pop up next to their name. A third tag will untag the person. An individual or user can only know they have been tagged by tagging you the same level. The tags are only known to each other so your tagging of and from other people will remain anonymous until that condition is met.

Pretty daring right?  Download yours today FREE from Google Play here for Android smartphones, and HERE from iTunes for Apple products.                                 

       The only suggestion I have for the developers of the app are to make the type of tag an option. I don't know if the system immediately reports when two matches are made or not. If so, this can cause confusion if you are on your way tagging a person as Chili hot and you get notices right after you are done with the first level of tagging. This is just a precaution if there isn't a delay in the notification process.

Add some excitement into your life. Also, check out another of New Dawn Entertainments works StakeMate. Read our coverage of it here.


  1. This is a pretty cool app. You get to express your admiration to a person in a more creative way.

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