Wednesday 13 March 2013

Bassboomz: Big Sound for your Mobile and more

Now we all love our mobile phones and other gadgets, but realistically if you're looking for a superior audio experience most portable devices seldom reach the ear rending big bass-feel-it -in your chest vibrations of a stand alone sound system. Solution: BassBoomz.

About the size of your fist the portable bluetooth speaker can communicate with a variety of devices. I've tried it with an iPad, a Galaxy S3 and the Xperia Z and all three pair swiftly and seamlessly. Form wise the multi-coloured speaker (available in blue, gold,red,silver,purple,green and more) is a masterful piece of engineering. It's very sturdy and constructed from light weight metal,hinged in the middle to pop open and create a sound cavity from which emanates a massive bass that belies the small pocketability of the device.

It's also rechargeable through a USB cable (which can also be used to connect it to your device if Bluetooth is unavailable). While the blurb says that the charge will last for 6 hours, our test got an average of between 5 and a half to seven hours performance before the sound degraded. The system is the very word in portability and really puts the tiny speakers of my mobile devices to shame.

Could you run a Booming party just using the BassBoomz? Well it's not as loud as a bigger stand alone speaker, but the fact that you can even pair up another BassBoomz to enhance your listening even further leads me to say that a party that verges on just the right side of disturbing your neighbours is completely possible!

Oh and don't worry about the cost as the company has kindly supplied us with a BassBoomz Voucher code that gets a massive £30 off of the price:

Enter BBZ304624 on the website to get your discount.

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