Sunday 31 March 2013

Edit Images on Your Smartphone

   Don't you sometimes wish you could alter your images or pictures on your smartphone just a bit? With Photo Painter Free you can do just that. Start by selecting which part of the picture you want to apply an effect to. While you are making your selection with either a blue or pink/red-ish brush, a window on the top left hand corner of the screen will show up with a zoomed in image of where you are currently selecting. Parts of the image not selected count as a selection themselves so you may also apply special effects to them.You have a green selector and a red one. Even if two green selections are not touching each other, if an effect is applied on one of the green spots, the effect will be applied on all green selections. You also get to change frames (by sliding horizontally on the photo) and styles (by sliding vertically on the image).

     A color coded brush feature lets you see better and looks preferable to a bunch of ants crawling on your picture. When choosing your brush you may slide on the adjustment bar to change the size of your brush.

     The zoom in window lets you make more precise movements. If you start selecting a part of the picture that under the zoom window, the zoom window will moved to the bottom left of the screen.

     If you find that you have made a mistake you can undo what you just did(by pressing the Android return button). Or you can use the blue brush to erase/deselect selections that you have made. Another method is to select the area with error and apply the effect of restoring it to the original image.

Suggestions for future updates:
     Make the app capable of undoing more than one action. Have more than 4 frames and 4 styles. Allow drawing for messages or hand drawn items. Have a feature to put text onto pictures. Have some clip arts to stamp onto images and allow for them to be moved around. Allow for the 6 painting styles(Art stand icon) to be applied in varying magnitudes. For now only the first painting style leaves items that resemble their original look(I am partially biased because it looks like oil painting...something I've fond myself to admire). I know this would change it from truly being that painting style, however it would let more objects to stay recognizable as they aren't always compatible with the style or it's program.(Note: The 15 filter styles ((Magic Wand icon))do let you choose how much of the effect you are applying with sliding bar.) The main menu and text pop ups during use do not go to landscape mode. Many pictures are in landscape mode and currently only the icons rotate for landscape view. Athough this isn't important, I believe it would make the app feel more user friendly.

     It's quite interesting to see it go to work while it's rendering the image. It even tells you the app is "thinking" while applying effects. The smartphone app will let you know when it's done rendering. You may save images and share them on Facebook.  You may download the FREE Android app here on Google Play. It's published by Aspiration Studio. 



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