Wednesday 3 April 2013

Golf Sokoban Stategy App

Puzzle games and strategy games help exercise your brain. For those of you like me who could use a little help keeping your neurons in shape, there's a new FREE app on the streets of Google Play called Golf Sokoban. There are more than 9 holes on this golf course. No golf equipment nor walking is required (that can be a good or bad thing depending on your case). With plenty of levels of increasing difficulty, you won't be finishing this app anytime soon. Nobody wants to finish an app or completely beat a game in just a few minutes. Although the weather is improving in my area, rain is still popping up here and there. This is like a simpler indoors version of putt putt golf.

How to Play:
- Tap a location next to your golf ball in the direction you will be putting from.

- Next tap the ball and it will be moved one space forward (away from your golf club) if the space is available. The club will follow.

- You may undo moves or restart the level with the corresponding buttons on the bottom of the screen.

- Press your android return button and you may quit the level and select another level. You must beat a level before having access to the next level.

Hint:You may push a ball out of a hole if you can get your club in position to do so. 

Clue: The number of moves made will decrease accordingly when you use the undo feature. 

Although the smartphone game doesn't have a scoring aspect to it, it does however record the number of moves and pushes you made during each level. 
The free smartphone app is brought to you by the developers of DRV games, the makers of the Timon's Birthday app (Yes Timon from Disney's The Lion King). Download the app(s) and give it a try. Here are some words of information from the developer

       Sokoban is also known as: "push box", "warehouse keeper", "mouse and cheese".

You're already a winner just by reading this far into the article! The graphics and gameplay are simple and smooth.The end.

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