Saturday 30 March 2013

Finding the right music app accessory combination

Experimenting with different ways to DJ and create music with my iPad it just really strikes me as how little ancillary products there are available to make the budding touch musician's life any easier. Now don't get me wrong all the music apps that are available are increasingly clever in the way that they are fundamentally changing the way that we interact with music. Take "Magic Piano" by Smule for example, here we have a completely new way to create piano based sounds that defy age old proven acoustic paradigms.

Unfortunately despite any amount of unique ways to interact and create tunes we are still left with the liabilities of a small touchscreen-especially if your smartphone is the device of choice. So it stands to reason that the powerful portable processing power of our touch devices would benefit from being utilized in other ways. Instead of creating on an iPad for example we could use it as a remixing desk and sonic amplifier. |The market needs to realize these limitations and reflect this with specifically designed products that will allow us to have the best setup. Say for example I was using a keyboard/iPad combination to bust out the drop beats: it's almost impossible to find a keyboard stand that caters to these unique requirements.

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