Friday 29 March 2013

Wallpapers for Some of Your Favorite Messengers

  It's always fun to add a little customization and differentiate yourself or just change the flavor of your smartphone if you can. With the FREE Wallpapers for Messengers you can free your Android smartphone's appearance and add some flare to those your favorite messenger. Although screenshots and overviews may be a bit blurry, once you select a photo it will upload the high quality picture/image and you may choose to download it for use. It works for three popular messengers below with their directions (from the Google  Play description). I do not use a messenger service on my phone so I do not personally know how useful they are. However, millions of people use Whatsapp, Viber, and Line, or Skype(not compatible with this app).


for Whatsapp
1. Open a chat in Whatsapp and press menu
2. Choose wallpaper and then android system
3. Tap on wallpapers for messengers and you are ready to go!
for Viber
1. Open a chat in Viber and press the configuration button next to call.
2. Click backgrounds and select 'Select photo from gallery'
3. Tap on wallpapers for messengers and you are ready to go!

for Line
1. Open a chat in Line and press menu
2. Click chat settings -> chat wallpaper -> choose from gallery
3. Tap on wallpapers for messengers and you are ready to go!


Other Tips on how to use : 

*After you press "Next" or "Done" on your onscreen keyboard, make sure you press "Go" on the app to search.  

*Although it looks like only 8 photo's show up per search, by pressing "Go" again the app will look for 8 more. Only eight will be displayed at a time. 

*Access saved images by tapping where it says  "My Wallpapers"

Here are some nice examples that didn't take me long to find.

Detailed Autobot from Transformer movies, Bumblebee.




You can zoom in too.


Cute adorable wildlife.



Sweet Ride

Tropic paradise feel


 You can Download the smartphone app HERE from Google Play. Check out the video on the app listing to see an example of it being used. Thanks to the people at Wallpaper for Messengers and Network Apps for allowing more style and freedom in our sometimes limited technology.



Enjoy your new wallpapers. 

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  1. These are all so wonderful wallpapers. The Panda is my favorite among all.


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