Wednesday 27 March 2013

ScareTimer - Scare Your Yriends with Your Smartphone

     Cracked screen tricks were nice when they came out...but that has been a while and maybe you've already tried it. Or maybe you just want another trick up your sleeve. Here's where a brand new app called ScareTimer comes to play. It's simple and easy to use. The FREE app is brought to you by the developers at ScarePunch Apps.

Here are the steps:
1.Choose the monster you want to pop up(it will be full screen during the prank...and animated but not cartoon)
2.Turn Vibrate ON or OFF
3.Choose the TIME DELAY before it pops up,
4.Toggle whether or not you want your front facing CAMERA to record during the trick,
5.Preview or Start!

These aren't just pictures that pop up. The terrorist moves and makes appropriate noises/grunts/roars/snarls/screams. 

    The graphics during set up and the prank are way above what I expected. Even the Preview startled me. The creatures are very life-like or at least very alive during the prank and previews(Very impressive detailed 3D). The menu's and buttons are quite user friendly for such a scary app. Some neat features include having different delay settings for you while having the default on 30 secs. This does seem like the average bait time. Not too short that they haven't yet paid full attention to your phone and calmed down. And not too long that you risk them having lose interest in your phone. Another built in feature is that when you turn the camera setting on, the app automatically checks if it's compatible with your phone. Does the app have to be opened for the prank to be pulled? Nope. Once you start the delay you may exit the app. It will run in the background until it is time to launch the attack.  

    Although my camera worked with the app, my phone probably wasn't beefy enough to handle an app and launch the camera smoothly. When the prank happened, the audio and vibration started and my front facing camera popped up instead of the scary creature. The Xperia Play wasn't close to being a flagship phone when it was launched. Running Android 2.3.3.

Trivia: ScarePunch App's animated logo reminds me of the logo from Riot Games, publisher of League of Legends.

    When you press "Start!" a window will pop up saying that by using the prank you agree with the Terms Of Service (T.O.S.). The terms are nothing bad, just that by using the prank you hold responsibility for your terror causing frightening scaring jokes. They are not liable for whatever may happen. And if you post the video with the app onto (developers of the app) then you surrender your rights to the video and they may use it.

Yes I was a fan of the CW show Supernatural for the first 5 seasons. If you were/are as well then here's a pop quiz. "Who is scared of clowns?"         

   The Jokester television episode was one of my favorite episodes. He is not the answer to the question.

    This might be perfect for Halloween. Although by then a lot of people will already be familiar with the app and you won't be as cool because you weren't the first one.You can download the Android app FREE on Google Play hereAll the faces are available for the PREVIEW, however only the two faces above are available for pranking in the free version. One suggestion I would have for future updates would be to include a scary girl with eyes wide opened. I've been scared before with an image from the movie the exorcist. The trailer for the Evil Dead also disturbed me with the girl. Although those probably can't be used, my point is that scary girls from movies can be scary. And for some reason the lady in the start up screen isn't one of the options to choose. Thanks for Reading. Perhaps you can post up your scare videos in the comments section?

Enjoy being mean,

Joshua Yang

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  1. This surely is a good prank. It's good that you can take a photo of the person you are doing prank at.


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