Wednesday 17 April 2013

Farmville 2 Timer (FREE) App review

     FarmVille had a long reigning career as a Facebook app. Everyone was playing it. After several years FarmVille 2 was released in September 2012. Although it hasn't yet enjoyed the success of the original it's still very popular . Either way if you are one of the 10 million plus active users then there is another kind of app that may come in handy. It's a FREE smartphone app called FarmVille 2 Timer. Addicts like you may just get the help you need to avoid setbacks such as your plants and resources going to waste.

       This tool is simple and effective. The Android App already has the preset time for the plants (icons and names included) so all you need to do is create a new alert and select the timer (possibly within 5 quick taps). You may also create a custom Timer if you wish to do so. Convenient right? It gets better. You do not have to use a custom timer because you may adjust the default timers if necessary each time you are setting one up When the timer is up, you will be notified via Alarm Ringtone and notification bar so you can go back to harvesting and maintaining or increasing your productivity. When you start the app you will be taken directly to a list of the current timers where the names and time remaining are bold. This helps you manage your time without hassle (which is good because that is what that app is for).  The timers that have passed will be color coded red and say "ready" where the time remaining is usually displayed.
      The formatting is as simple as it needs to be to do what it does. It's one of the rare alarm apps that might be easier to set up than my default app. I cannot stress how easy it is to use. Great Job to the developer(s) at Tucano. It's easier than I make it sound. Every important aspect has been thought of. There is even an option to note which farm (if you have multiple farms) the timer is meant for. The application's design is targeted for a specific use, and that's to help you become a better farmer. Not that you were a bad Farmer to begin with. Having the names and icons in alphabetical order lets you quickly see and identify the timer that you need. If you find that you have rushed a timer and made a mistake, you may touch and hold the timer to quickly Re-Plant, Change Time, Add to Favorites, or remove the alarms. Press your default Android settings button and you can change the notification ringtone, delete all expired timers or just clear all timers, and do more.
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       The only really minor (Nitpicking) suggestions I would have for future updates would include the option of using the favorites or default list when choosing your crop. On default it currently takes you to the favorites even if you are new to the app and have no favorites. By changing so that it takes you directly to the crop list it will enable a newer user to start a timer within even less touches (4). I understand the usefullness of the favorites section however it is trying to make a great first impression even better to cultivate users. The other thing would be that I noticed when adjusting or creating a custom timers, the button says "set" like it's done but I haven't placed the exact time yet. The exact time selection comes up right after, but "set" makes it sound like that's all there is to select. However these last two windows look like my phones default alarm set up format so it is likely due to Android 2.3.3 or Sony's fault for this one. BTW Android 2.3 and up is required to run the app. This isn't a major issue as most phones should be passed this by now, but seems odd that it would require such higher Android OS to run. It could be due to some incompatible features. Sorry I didn't mean to make this section look this long, it's just that I'm not that great with words and may be required to use more than most people to present an idea.

Overall it's a very well thought out app. Simple and easy to use. Most of the design features would probably go unnoticed by people who aren't used to paying so much attention to detail. For those like me on other hand, who deals with a lot of apps, can appreciate its simplicity and effective design. Don't let your plants spoil and go to ruins. You can Download the FREE Android application from Google Play at

Enjoy, Stay "Green" (with an app :D), and Good Luck.

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