Monday 22 April 2013

Merging Gaming and 3D printers

We've been in the app review business for almost two years and being the bleeding edge, forefront of technology bloggers that we are we're thinking of expanding our horizons even further...
3D printing is the word on every tech geeks lips this season. RepRap, MakerBot, build plates, extrusion heads, so far so blah- we're sure that you've come across the jargon with this latest craze setting the net alight(now that the storm of BitCoin's rampant inflation and Mt Gox's DDOS are starting to die down). Well we got to thinking how we can meld our love of apps and 3D printers:
Take our current favourite addiction Clash of Clans, to order any figurines based on the app will necessitate spending a lot of money. But with access to a good 3D printer even once off figures won't cost much at all, all that's necessary is a 3d scan putting the graphic into an RTF file.

If you think that having 3d bespoke prints of your favourite gaming (or app) characters and models is a good thing, please comment be.ow and we'll see where we go with this. At the same time to explore similar bespoke creation issues please consider for ceramic rings

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