Monday, 22 April 2013

What Google Glass means for Mobile Gaming and Gambling

What Google Glass means for Mobile Gaming and Gambling

Our recent post about the best Android Horse racing apps really got a lot of gamers asking questions about how mobile devices have changed the gaming and gambling landscape. There are a lot of virtual Casino operators that are making a stir thanks to the prevalence of always connected devices, arguably gambling on Android or iOS is even more fun and profitable than a bricks and mortar casino.

These are all common topics amongst players, but there’s something new on the horizon that is going to shake up a lot of the gaming industry, Gambling in particular could be transformed by the soon to be released Google Glass.

Not a lot has been said about how the wearable tech from Google can be integrated into gaming, but with it’s little screen (Google say Glass’ screen is the equivalent of an HD 25 inch monitor at 8 feet) and ability to display Android powered data in its HUD, gamblers who love technology should be thinking right now of all the possibilities that Google Glass has to offer.

As it has just started to roll of the production line and the SDK has only now been released I must admit to not owning the dev friendly Glass Explorer (although I do think $1500 is quite steep!), so this article is purely speculative. If gamblers uptake of mobile devices is as massive with G Glass than I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the devs make Google Glass Gambling ideas feasible.

Horse Racing: One of the gambler’s staple that can benefit from wearable tech is Horse racing. Can you imagine being able to see the name of your horse floating above your filly as it runs past the posts. Odds can be added to the picture and any other sort of form or betting information too.

Google Glass Slot machines: Whether you’re in Vegas or any other casino, the twinkling lights and ka-ching of cash always has its attraction. The specs can use their Augmented Reality tech to add all sorts of benefits, just one example I can think of is using the screen to display the machines odds and when last it paid out its jackpot.

Online Gambling with Glass: At the very least the second screen capability can be used to display other views of your gaming screen, whether that be for odds screens, or even help,tips and advice that can be delivered live to your eyeballs so as to not make you miss any of the action. Your 'local' Android Casino just got a lot more exciting!

All these and more are possible with Google Glass, until then keep on gaming in the normal mobile way, I’m sure it will always remain exciting-but be prepared for something new really soon.


  1. Google Glass Slot machines? Wow. I think that people not ready for this yet. This is our nearest future.

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