Friday, 3 May 2013

App for Finding Singles

    Using the internet as a means of finding a mate has been a growing trend. From online dating sites to dating apps that try to help you increase your chances of finding your special one. These methods introduces you to individuals that you would probably not meet using traditional methods. One example is the app FlirtyLocal - MeetLocalSingles.

Although the Pickup Lines section and Dating Tips seem to be made for guys to target females, the app works for everyone. Plenty more features are said to be coming in future updates for the app. But by that time you may have already found your other half. No this app isn't just used for permanent partners, temporary relationships are allowed too (and will be further supported by the app in updates to come). Using the chat feature takes you to the website where you can search with a variety of filters or criteria. You can download the FREE app here from Google Play.

Good Luck!

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