Saturday, 4 May 2013

Free Hidden Object Puzzle Game: Where's My Stuff?

      Did you like playing "I Spy" as a child? I remember those books and they were fun. Skip forward to more modern times and we have Apps to do that now. Play on the go with the FREE app Hidden Object Adventure Game: Where's My Stuff? However you'll probably need just about the full four minutes to play each round. Objects are really detailed and crisp and disappear in a poof when you collect them(find them when you're suppose to). The items are amazingly realistic although extremely cluttered. Play as Edward who has an insane amount of items. Some things will be easier to find and some will get you frustrated. Often I am thinking "Did they make a mistake? Is the object really in this level?" (and a newer type of excuse and doubt that comes with technology) "Maybe there's a glitch?"

     One great feature of the FREE Android app is that if you repeat a level, your lists will be different. New objects may even appear on the lists because there are more objects in a level than the number of items required to pass that level. It's a bit disturbing that objects camouflage and look so natural-like in odd places. It's very interesting how detailed the graphics for the objects, levels, and character artwork are. The storyline so far is acceptable, not extremely cheesy like a lot of apps.

     You start out with 3 hints and gotta pay money for more if you want some. I don't really see the point in using hints but we all have our own style(I rarely use game cheats). On top of the screen you have your three lists of items to get/tap/collect. I said three because if you find all the items in the a column, it would had run out of items and be blank while you only have two items displayed with more than 2 items left.

     I would have to admit that there is a downside to playing the I Spy puzzle game on an Android smartphone. The screen will most likely be a little small at times (compared to a book). As with any puzzle or I-Spy type of game it gets easier with practice. You'll memorize where some objects are located. At later levels you have to repeatedly complete levels about 3-4 times to move on to the next level. It would be better if a player could choose any previous level to play (to earn points/gold).

    The distinct user interface makes it easy to see the timer, menu, and list of items to get along with style. The digital clock look, notepads with paperclips, and veneer wood touch are some nice touches. It's cool how items go away. To see if for yourself download the app here from Google Play.  Get some good brain exercise.

P.S. I tried the game before paying attention to the developer, Jarbull, and its logo. On the first level, as I was observing the details I noticed the poster on the wall of a red bull. I thought to myself "That's not a real world object, so was that work and detail really put into a logo/poster just for a level in this game?" Turns out it was their logo. So it makes sense it would be that well designed.

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