Friday, 3 May 2013

Iron Man Theme for your Phone

      I'm a big fan of Iron Man. Not that I find everything fine with the movies. It took me a while and a few tries but I finally got an Iron Man theme thing going on with my smartphone. I'm bringing this information as Iron Man 3 comes out in theaters today May 3rd (depending on what part of the world you live in). It's sort of my way of celebrating it's release. With the help of the AnimGIF app (AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 Lite) you can have animated wallpapers with the sacrifice of image quality. This time around I chose to create an Iron Man theme with some pictures and gifs that I've found from some time consuming searches. 

      With plenty of customization options I was able to tweek it the way I wanted. You can adjust the speed with intervals relative to the GIF's default speed. You could even have a different lock in background screen. I haven't seen anything change the lock in screen wallpaper yet. (Well, there are plenty of features in this app that have never before been seen by me.) The smartphone application automatically detects your recent downloads(possibly any images added after the apps installation). This makes it easier for you. If you happen to need to search other folders, the app lets you explore and navigate your folders and sd card quite well too. The "Top Margin" feature leaves the background of your notification bar from being covered by the images if you should choose to use the feature. Another important feature is that the Android application has different settings for Image Fitting Mode. Think of it's usefulness and friendliness as good as that on your wallpaper settings on your desktop PC . That's so much more than I could have imagined or was asking for.

There is a downside however. Using animated gif images and an app to run your homescreens takes up some power juice from your phone.

The Gif Image(s) to the left were collected screenshots I tried to put together to emulate how it looked like on my phone. That's why they have scattered time stamps and icons in the notification bar.

 Here are the images in original size and their links to the files I used:

The Must Have smartphone app: AnimGIF LWP 2

You don't have to use the app for an Iron Man Live Wallpaper, you can create and use your own wallpapers. You just gotta find a GIF that's worthy.

My browsers have issues displaying but a google search of the saved files names led me directly to the page.

Image Files:   (source and credit goes to

 I used this one for the Lock-Screen.

I was looking for something like this forever. So glad somebody made one.

I couldn't find the url anymore of this so I uploaded the file here. Sorry I can't give the gif creator(s) credit where it's due.

  I don't know the differences between the FREE Lite version of the app and the full versions. I don't care to look into it. I got what I wanted and I am still enjoying the plenty that it has done for me. It's probably mostly for donations. Okay maybe it's not a true theme, but it comes close. The rest of your phones windows aren't affected. There's probably too many settings to alter those.

 Here are some honorable mentions for images:
This one seemed a bit laggy or jumpy for my taste for a live paper. source
Clean and cool looking but a bit plain and the white areas make my icons harder to read.

Yes I've shown it off and you can too. Add some Avengers character to your phone. You can't have Iron Man's phone, but you can add him to your phone. An exciting example of customizing an Android (for me anyways).

Suit Up your phone and Enjoy

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