Wednesday 1 May 2013

CSR Racing finally makes it to Android (Best looking FREE Racing App)

        I like cars. Although not a mechanic I am slightly a sports car enthusiast. This brought out some frustration in that since day one of owning my first smartphone I could not find a great racing app besides the one that came included with my phone (Asphalt 6).  For me, a game collection isn't that impressive or complete if it doesn't have a really good racing game. Plenty of crappy graphics or horrible controls or cars that were made up usually plagued my search. Yes I understand licensing can be an issue. One decent and almost short game was Drag Racing back in 2012. It was simple and fun....but the graphics were a bit too simple and after a while it became too hard for me to play (soon after the early stages of the game). Twice I saw CSR Racing on iPhones in 2012 and was saddened yet again that I could not find anything close besides Asphalt 6. The words "Do you have this on Android?" made me lash out at Android. "No, there isn't a great FREE racing game for Android. iPhone has a lot more quality apps and development support than Android. Most great Android apps are available first on iOS...sometimes by a long time".  Fandroids may burn me for saying that but I still believe in that statement.

Enter CSR Racing onto Android. According to Wikipedia the smartphone app was released on iOS
Apple App Store on June 28.[2] It was revealed that the game made over $12 million in a month shortly after launch,[3] making it one of the top 10 grossing iPhone games of 2012.[4]

 CSR racing was finally made available for Androids on On April 15, 2013. That's almost a whole year behind. By graphics and technology standards a whole year is a lot. 365 days probably consists of two new iPhones or two new Samsung Galaxy S flagship phones and two new Call of Duty games. Okay beggars shouldn't be choosers. I'm just being a crybaby. I'm still happy that we get something. I will be looking forward to testing and playing this app. I'm so happy and glad celebrating the release of CSR Racing onto the Google platform that I even wrote an article after trying just two to three races. Thank you NaturalMotionGames Ltd! On another note, it's gotten between 1 and 5 million downloads in just 15 days with an average rating of almost 5 out of 5 stars(4.6).


Yeah Baby! Transform and Roll Out!
Details to Decals

IDK what screenshots I will use when I do review the app.

P.S. Now I need  a cool Jet simulator. Although that's mostly accomplished with Mupen63Plus Android Edition and Star Fox 64. BTW to be a bit more fair Drag Racing seems to have come a long ways in terms of graphics ever since I tried it out. I might need to retest it.

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