Wednesday 1 May 2013

Impending Doom (Game Review)


     Most games or superhero movie involves saving the world from perish. This next game also has you preventing the earth from it's demise. Although it's unclear how you got your "cosmos power" (weapon) to stop the chunks of space debris its still fun. The name of the game is called Impending Doom and it's FREE for Android Devices. Use your force field (although it's more like a weapon) to get rid of threats coming our way. The Earth has three healthpoints which in a way also acts as a rating system for how well you do for each level. Can you step up to the occasion and avoid the three strikes?

Yeah that's really a model of Earth. I see Austrailia and Asia.

    Sometimes my finger got in the way of the screen. Maybe a lead feature where the laser is actually a little higher to the left (right handed) than the point of contact on the screen. A left handed feature to change that point to the left of the finger would be a good extra tough. The swiping game plays a little like fruit ninja games. It may also be easier for you if you have experience with cut the rope and a tablet. A large Samsung Note or Galaxy S phone or half tablets will probably be acceptable too.

   Not bad for Quick Fix Inc's first app. This is an incredible first step in terms of graphics and smooth execution. The main menu was well thought of. It's also the mission select screen at the same time(very interactive). The Google Play video/trailer is well done. The logo is also something that good artwork was put into. The Earth (our planet) and the asteroids (meteors) are in detailed 3D and they rotate. There is nothing to complain about in the music and sound effects category. They can also be changed via a sliding bar in the settings(not just on and off). However I have some friendly...

Suggestions for possible future updates

- I'm stuck on level 5 out of 10. The number of levels don't bother me it's just that I'm stuck.
- The nonexistent introduction could have a little more story. This would just make the app larger but feel more completed and depends on the developer's choice to use CGI or voice overs and text(caption). The power of the players finger on the touch screen could be explained. It could be that the green space junk is getting sent from an alien race. Or both blue meteors and green meteors are sent by different races that kinda have the same color as their rock.
- Other explaining that would probably help is include in the tutorial that different color lasers destroy different color rocks. For example the current tutorial just says tap the earth to change the color of lasers. I thought this was just a custom coloring for the laser but it took me a few tries to realize it was necessary to change color to destroy those green rocks. I felt the game should had explained this.
- Maybe include a special move. Large laser with lighting perhaps. Or just a blowout possibly flash bomb to clear the screen of harm. 
- Other extra ideas would be to include a kiddie or easy mode. Differences would include larger lasers and enable multitouch (at least two touches). A possible cheat is draw a star for a special effect or instant special. Maybe have some objects be collectables (such as health, temporary larger laser, or more destructive laser, a robot buddy, or automatic changing lasers for several seconds).
-Make the Sparrow-Bot purchasable with real money purchase. Just a thought. And maybe make it earnable. As of now I believe the only level it's available before level 5 is the one level where it's introduced. Maybe the flying or floating mechanical invention can talk to you a little(I just saw Disney's Blubber not that long ago). 
-The latest update adds the use of the return button to quit the game. I could also include a third button to go to the main menu or level select. 

       All in all it's a very good first app. And though that list of suggestions is long, none of them are vital or critical changes. I have an immature imagination and can get carried away. Maybe I just didn't know what else to write. Either way it had to spark my imagination. You can download the FREE Android app here and see what it does to you. 

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