Wednesday 1 May 2013

Taking a Break from Candy Crush Saga

    Ever since I first played Candy Crush Saga I've been addicted. It's been fun but it's also been very hectic and helpless to run out of lives and receive lives from Facebook notifications but not in the app. Other migraine causing features the uncontrollable fate of losing and not being able to do much (as oppose to the freedom in racing games and action adventure games). I don't know when I started playing the app, but I was approximately level 35 when I wrote my original review on Candy Crush on April 16th. I overdosed on the game causing my phone to drain and heat up during playtime.  I played by the wall and spent a lot of time there(putting myself through the torture of being timed out like a child). It's time I relieve some stress by announcing my break up from the app.  I may get back together with it sometime or completely in the future. More likely I will still respond to requests from friends through the app. Either way, you have defeated me level 100.

Candy Crushed Joshua


  1. Candy Crush Saga is the most popular game on Facebook, iOS and the Android Play Store. It is a simple match-three puzzle game. But it is more than that... as every Candy Crush player lives to tell. candy crush level 33

  2. I started playing short time ago (with addiction) I'm in level 45 - and I got a bad attack of a migraine headache, I never had headaches before , I don't know if candy crush was the reason, but (makes sense that it was , too many colors , too many animations, too much frustration), so I stopped playing . Headache seems to be disappearing. So for me it is goodbye to candy crush.


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