Monday 29 July 2013

Earth Defense : Protect the Earth

       Use your smartphone or tablet to protect the planet. By tapping on space debris you can destroy them before they reach your home world. Even if the space junk isn't heading towards Earth, you may still destroy it. Threats include three types of comets and asteroids.When you have successfully destroyed the object, it will explode and a corresponding sound effect will take place. Other sound effects include an alarm when the Earth gets hit(sort of sounds like a warning). What's the name of this FREE app? It's called Earth Defense.  Background music may sometimes be annoying but this one is upbeat and I like it.

     One unique aspect of the arcade-action game is the ability to make upgrades without using real world money. Each time you upgrade your health, it permanently goes up by one. Upgrades cost score/points that you achieve through gameplay so they aren't hard to come by. This makes the game extremely playable versus having to spend money to increase your stats. And yeah, the Earth rotates (faster than in real life but that's for a cool effect). Tip/hint/clue:You can often double-tap an object to get two explosions and twice the points. You don't just more points the longer you play, you also get about 10 points per destroying an item.

A few suggestions for future updates
- Currently there isn't a way to pause(or quit) the game. You can however press the Android "Home" button and turn on the app again and continue playing when you're ready if it hasn't cleared your RAM yet. (Make use of the Android "back" button)
- The in-game advertisement bar on the bottom of the screen often gets in the way of gameplay. I don't tap on it but it prevents me from seeing objects that come up. To try and alleviate this I constantly tap on the small area below my planet just in case I can get lucky.
- Make the sounds pop up and fade out smoother. 
- Someday include some sort of special attack or more. (Possibly a swipe attack that can be included in the store)
- Random drops of said attack and of partial health.
-Include a screenshot of a comet on the apps download page.

       Earth Defense is brought to you by the developers at waste-droid. The FREE smartphone app can be downloaded from Google Play by clicking here. If you're looking for an app to try and have nothing better to do, why not download the game and give it a try. What have you got to lose? A temporary loss of 13MB of storage? This is the first version of the app and perhaps the developer(s) will appreciate your feedback.

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