Friday 31 January 2014

Why rap genius is ...genius

How did we ever check and authenticate our hip musical needs before RapGenius came along anyway? Expanding the horizons of what the biggest trending musical app/website can do the team have looked hard and come up with a better product in the form of the Genius by Rap Genius App.
The Genius app arose because of increased demand from mobile devices, because isn't that the best way to consume content and arguably create (music included)? If the Rap Genius web presence has enjoyed your patronage now you can enjoy the mobile version , make a name for yourself and possibly even find sympathetic ears to listen to your fender supersonic generated efforts. So who is the daddy when it comes to knowledge of rap , rock, poetry and music news?
Genius will solve all of your rap battles and analyse your iTunes library (including what’s currently playing) to give you instant access to those lyrics. Genius Recognition Technology lets you know what's hip and happening.

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