Wednesday 26 February 2014

Advantages of Dual Lens Smartphone Cameras

Dual Lens cameras in smartphones could be the next big imaging tech to make it to our Smartphones. The HTC M8 is probably going to be the first phone with a dual camera lens. So what does HTC hope to achieve by having a dual lens?

Why dual lens Smartphone Cameras are a great idea
  • If you have two parallel lenses with their own sensors low-light performance is dramatically improved. One way this allows better low light performance on phones such as the HTC m8 is by clever software that matches the views of each lens and uses scene analysis to perform a reality check. Noise reduction in low light is dramatically improved by this feature.
  •  Two lens smartphone cameras allow for better depth analysis. 3D to you and me. Ignore what you know though as depth of field affects also allow for features such as increased image control, better control of image backgrounds-up to the point of blurring them out, enhanced AR and autofocus with a bigger boost of speed. 
  • Digital zoom could soon become an also ran technology if dual lens cameras take off. As each lens has a different focal lengths ( for example One  wide-angle lens and the other at 3x zoom). This will allow a new form of optical zom that does away with resolution degradation that traditional smartphone digital zoom experiences.


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