Friday 21 February 2014

Exploring next gen entertainment

So next gen gaming is upon us,or at least those who can afford some very expensive luxury boy toys. To be honest we're still sitting on the fence when it comes to XBox One vs PS4 and not to mention SteamBox and what about saving up for an Oculus Rift? Still one area that remains very unexplored and really needs to be explored through next gen spectacles is entertainment, particularly music. New ways of consumption are upon us and to be honest, despite the wet dream of better graphics and 4k capability the music hub capabilities of the XBox One are slightly swaying us towards this device when coupled with its bundled next gen Kinect. It's really the enhanced voice actions of the next gen Kinect which are being used or should be used for next gen music. All it will take is some creative thought to use voice commands to access next gen music functions,for example Spotify could be permanently turned on. Just imagine the cross functional capabilities, for certain if you can tell the latest Lara Croft to draw her pistol or bow via voice you can certainly say music based terms and get an intelligently delivered music orientated device.


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