Friday, 21 February 2014

HTC's new way to listen to music

It's not just the CES that changes the way we look at technology,but Mobile World Congress is also a vast area for new tech to arise. Poor HTC is going to apparently looking to turn around its ailing fortunes by possibly conducting some interesting experiments.
One of those is going to be a new way to consume music, a bold experiment that is slowly starting to be leaked to the world. We're consulting as many sources as possible,in the tech,music and mobile world to find out all we can. 
This won't be like lugging around a zoom q3hd or even an iPod to create or listen to your favourite tunes. No, everyone in the tech world,HTC included,believes that wearable are the way forward. What they're going to offer is an HTC music bracelet that apparently doubles as a fitness tracker. Since Fitbit and Jawbone, current leaders in the fitness bracelet market have yet to produce a device that works for more than a week on a single battery charge and since the most commonly available devices only track fitness and don't touch on the music area, one wonders if the HTC music bracelet is actually real or just hype.

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