Sunday 16 February 2014

Terraria IOS Guide

If you love Terraria on IPad you'll really appreciate our mini guide to the frustrating game. Verging on hard core with an obnoxious and cryptic helper Terraria of beginners can be quite daunting. Follow our initial beginner Terraria tips to at least stand a small chance of surviving your fist few hours!
What to do when beginning Terraria on IOS 

Find wood! To paraphrase '80s era Scharwzenegger:"Get the wood if you want to live!" Wood is undoubtedly the most important beginning item in Terraria.

How to get wood:equip your axe and hold your finger on a tree. After a couple of seconds, the tree will explode and shower wood on your heads.Aim at the base to mine the whole tree.

Building a workbench in Terraria: This will take ten pieces of wood and is crucial to craft larger items.Make the bench, put it in your inventory, and place it at the site of your new home.


Building your home: Use a pickaxe to level some foundations.Items needed for a Terraia home:A home needs a background wall ,wood will do, two walls (wood or dirt will do), and a ceiling.

This is crucial to protect you from monsters.

How to place a door in your house:three tiles on one wall need to be cut out and now you can place a door and come and go as you please.

Best and ideal Terraria house locations:build your first home close to your original spawn point and if you don't have a bed you'll always return to the same spawn spot when you die.


Kill slimes: Now get aggressive and use your sword or pickaxe to kill slimes. This allows you to get gel which you can use with wood to craft torches. Light your home with these.

Another crucial item is a furnace, but you'll need some stone to craft it. Go left or right until you find some stone,stone often rests on the very surface of Terraria's world and should be mined with a pickaxe.
20 stone blocks can be used to make a furnace at the workbench.Uses of a Terraria furnace: smelt ore - like copper and iron - to make stronger materials. Iron is also important to optimise the strength of your copper tools.Iron looks slightly darker than stone, has a vague brown tint, and sparkles in sunlight. Unlike stone you might have to dig a little underground to find good iron ore veins.  iron bars can be smelted in your furnace, and used to build an anvil in your house. Use the anvil to make a new pickaxe and sword. 
Best initial Terraria weapons:A broadsword. Shortswords are hard to use especially on iOS and Android.

Tips for beginner IOS and Android Terraria players

Make beds - You can turn cobwebs, which you can grab from dungeons and caves, into silk with a loom. A workbench enables you to turn silk and wood into a bed. Now, you can place this down to create a new spawn point - even deep underground.

Get a grappling hook - To make your own kill a skeleton to get a hook and craft the chain from three iron blocks.
Find chests - Chests in dungeons contain rare items, like the magic mirror and the breathing reed. Once you've emptied a chest, use a hammer to dislodge the chest and put it in your pocket. You now have a free chest for one of your homes.

Build a chest - this is important because  You lose half the cash in your pockets when you die so keep money locked away!

Build armour - but only after making tools. Armour requires lots  of iron so spend it on swords and pickaxes before personal protection.

Get sand - and turn it into glass to make bottles. These can be used to store various potions.

How to get across gaps - If you come across an incredibly canyons,mountains and such like you can use excess dirt blocks to make bridges and platforms.


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