Wednesday 23 November 2011

Facebook best source for Black Friday Deals

Everybody's got Facebook and everybody knows about Black Friday; that is unless you've been living underneath an internet free technology proof rock for the last couple of years. Started by the kings of Online merchandising Amazon, who are so popular that they're even featured on my site (yup look to the right sidebar that's Amazon- hopefully giving you some good videogame deals right now!) the so called Black Friday deals have been going on for a few years now and even Youtube is awash with videos of poor saps boasting about how Black Friday 2010 and Black Friday 2009 gave them the best deals ever with Black Friday Tv and laptop deals and all the rest.

So how does Facebook tie up with all of this does facebook even have any credentials left after the controversy surrounding the notorious Facebook Hack in which all kinds of family unfriendly content was forced on users and literally millions of accounts private details were exposed. Well logging in to facebook whether it be from a Yahoo or Hotmail account if you're not immediately assaulted by a Facebook Hack porn attack you should be ready to converse , message and interact with all your friends, companions, acquaintances and otherwise. And despite everything Facebook is still one of the most powerful social tools out there. It is here of course and not avidly watching the countdown for Friday deals on the Amazon site that true deals can be found via word of mouth.

The average user of facebook has around about 160 friends connected to their profile (coincidentally sociologists say the same size as a medieval village-so perhaps our social habits haven't changed that much in all these years!) It is by speaking directly to your friends on Facebook that the most up to date and more importantly relevant information for yourself can be found regarding these Amazon deals.
So stop staring at your Black Friday TV that you bought five years ago and start interacting with your friends, who might just be able to quickly point out that the latest 3d TV on Amazon has reached rock bottom sub hundred dollar prices!

( Oh and please watch out that it is an actual friend speaking to you and not some facebook Hack directing you to an unsavoury website!)

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