Wednesday 23 November 2011

Why we all need to Download Steve Jobs

Now that Steve Jobs has left us it seems that the Smartphone world is a poorer place, to celebrate his life and times we are going to look at why you should download Steve Jobs ' speeches and how they will continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Using an Ipad to go on  to Itunes and look for the speeches of Steve Jobs can be no greater credit for this amazing man ( although if he was still around I would certainly be asking him some very direct questions as to why we can't use Flash Player on Ipad still!) 

There are many podcasts on Itunes with some of Steve Jobs famous speeches including his first Imac Introduction
and of course when Steve Jobs presents the first 'Itunes Phone'

As we trace down the years of the rise and rise of Steve Jobs it's fascinating to see how he evolves from the original semi-geek to his own chic-geek style of black top and jeans, his dynamism is ever present and it is this that in the years to come will be needed to drive the tech and smartphone industries ever onwards.

It is not just the fact that I can download apps or do a software download on the Ipad or the million and one other things that makes it cool, what really makes it cool is that there is a face behind it, a charismatic genius who has inspired a generation. Watch or listen to any of Jobs speeches and you can't but help be carried away on a euphoric wave where the future is bright and exciting , the future is now! And if you want to buy in to that future then you need to buy his products. Yes, it is all marketing spin, but marketing spin delivered with such passion and conviction that the lines between believing it and it actually being true are so blurred that they become indistinquishable. 

So are there any other tech baron visionaries out there who can deliver us the future as Steve Jobs did? Let's hope so as our crazy fast paced world of technology is much the less for his departure.

I highly recommend looking up Steve Jobs Youtube to find all the amazing videos of this genius' life.

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