Wednesday 23 November 2011

How can David Nail help improve your Fitness?

Continuing on in our series of articles about fitness crazes and the apps that accompany them a question came to me: "How can David Nail help improve my Fitness?" Not as random a question  as you might think ! I'll let you in on my thought processes here:

Firstly it's long been rumoured by psychologists that good music can improve your mood, other studies go even further to say that music can even improve your physical performance. That is why you will see hard -core meat heads in a gym pumping iron to old skool heavy metal music. Because their psychologist told them too!

Well carrying on our coverage of the silly season and how to combat it with fitness, and doing our app research we found that David Nail has been in the news a lot. Well I'm sure that David Nail songs are immensely popular and that David Nail Lyrics are being sung from here to Bombay ( and perhaps even in 24 Fitness Gyms helping the meatheads and aerobics queens to enter the gym zone mind set) but what really got me to wondering was when I was trying out the Deepak Chopra Yoga App and listening to the voice of Deepak droning on I recalled that the app could also be used to listen to your own music. Cue snap fitness quick idea to download David nail and work out to him, and why not? After all if it's good enough for muscleheads to work out to thrash metal surely the soothing sounds of Country style music will help my Yoga ambitions!

So what David Nail Songs could be good to work out to?

  • I'm about to come alive-definitely if you've just woken up and have a hard snap fitness workout coming!
  • Turning Home-On a drive to 24 Fitness-No thank's I'm turning home!
  • Red Light:Stop! Enough said!

But seriously though David Nail Lyrics are really inspirational and whilst perhaps they didn't really add to my Yoga or Crossfit workouts they certainly helped out with some chill out times. Of course we wouldn't be Gametrender without a few odd app references so here's a short list that we've made up of the best music apps:
And there you have it a perfect dose of Country music , a few fitness ideas and all rounded off by some very acclaimed music apps for Iphone. Silly seasons almost here-don't say we haven't tried to help you with our coverage of fitness apps and more!

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