Thursday 24 November 2011

How Che Cosa can help your app salary

How can having the Salary of Che Cosa help your app store?
So who is this Che Cosa anyway and what Earthly link could his salary have to you owning and running an Appstore. Actually not so much of a he as a concept the Italian Che Cosa translates into "What" ; but Cosa by itself issometimes used as " suck my Little Italian xxxx" So bluntly Che Cosa English = a definite insult!
On Jersey Shore the Italian mafioso type is not referring to his mafia pal or hitmen he is simply insulting Pauly D.
But it is this cocky self-righteous attitude that you as an app developer need to take forward to be a winner!Of course you wouldn't be wanting to run an Appstore to just get an average salary you want to be right up the Payscale and that's where exciting App Trending companies come in to it. As developers have tried to escape from the confines of a set payscale the Che Cosa idea has taken hold, the inflamed Italian arrogance followed by causing confusion to all around you as a winning business strategy!
Now you could either let App Developers come to you or you could go out in search of them. The trick being to catch an App before it's hit the big time so you can negotiate a good payment option between you and the developer, remember the idea of that Che Cosa attitude linked to a big  salary?

I suggest using services like Free App a Day and Appitude to find new and trending apps, from there it is a simple matter to choose the apps that fit in with your appstore ethos and contact the developers directly. Remember you have to have something to offer them, they won't give you the time of day unless you are free and open with them and have a legitimate appstore that has been marketed in the right ways to the public. And that is the way you run an Appstore to get that Fabled Che Cosa salary!

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