Thursday 24 November 2011

Making Profit with Paypal and QR Codes

How Paypal and the new QR Codes go hand in hand

In a recent article we covered the use of Ebay apps for your Android and Iphone.Like Ebay ,Qr codes are proving to be the next best thing for shopping with your smartphone.

An Android QR code or indeed an Iphone QR code can open up a whole new dimension for your shopping. Ever since apps like Google Goggles popularised the use of Smartphone cameras as barcode readers, shoppers; manufacturers and developers have been waiting for something new to set the great merchandise train in motion. QR codes might be that solution and if they are able to effectively link in with current Smartphone trends like Ebay apps and Google Checkout we might have a shopping monster on our hands!

First let's look at what QR codes are: Originally used to track Autoparts QR codes can now be found all over the web and are especially popular with Smartphones. They are able to encode information in their pictures and even use the reading device to perform an action such as go straight to a website encoded in the QR. Android phones especially are used to go directly to an App on the Android market, while to use QR codes Iphones need to use a reader such as QRReader
. Despite being slightly misunderstood these QR codes are everywhere, in newspapers; magazines and all over the internet. Particularly popular amongst app developers as they are actually quite easy to produce. A QR Generator is quite easy to find and download on the internet , so if you are an App developer or have any product to sell; whether you want people to pay via Paypal or Google wallet is irrelevant, because get their money you will as soon as they start scanning your QR Code.

And buyers: You know how easy a Paypal login is, and now that you've got a new and fantastic way to find stuff on the net you are just a Paypal login or a dip in your virtual Google Wallet away from owning it!

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