Thursday 24 November 2011

Introducing the New HP TouchPad from HP

From their founding in 1939 HP (Hewlett-Packard) have created some brilliant products so being in the Smartphone/Tablet game we thought we'd look at the trending HP Touchpad.

Some interesting facts about HP just to get you into the spirit of things: If a coin toss had gone the other way for the founders of HP then we would be looking at a company named Packard-Hewlett instead as this is how the two electrical engineering graduates from Stanford  decided whose name would come first in the company. A precision audio oscillator was their first product and one of their first customers was Walt Disney Productions. From these beginnings the company did all sorts, including electronic products for industry and even agricultural machinery ! All of which leads us up to the HP Touch Pad today.

Now what is surprising about the HP Touchpad is that it has enjoyed phenomenal success, despite being axed by the parent company HP. Some even have taken to calling it the HP Ipad! Also surprising is that this is not the Android HP Touch Pad but is actually powered by Webos . So despite this article starting out on a positive note about HP, we are now considering an axed product (and what about HP drivers for your marvel product in the future Mr H and Mr P?) the HP tablet also runs an operating system that many would consider inferior to Android and iOS and yet this HP tablet is selling faster than the fastest product on Black Friday. So what gives? Let's explore the nuts and bolts of the HP Touchpad and find out.

Hp Tablet From Amazon
Go to the official HP site and you're simply greeted with the message that the HP Tablet is out of stock, please place an order (also if you look on that site in the right hand corner you can find the link to download Hp drivers) . Now whether HP will fulfill orders is unknown at the moment because as far as we know the Hp ipad has been discontinued.

First some specs: Pricewise it's comparable to the Ipad 2 , but ignore that for now as with the likes of Black Friday upon us and the fact that the HP has been axed will result in lower prices (I'm going to try secure a lower price with Amazon for this site and everything going well should be able to post a link at the bottom of this article) Dimensionally it's just a little under 10 inches with some nicley rounded corners that make it easier to hold, despite being thicker than the Ipad. The pastic back is also purported to pick up fingerprints quite easily.

My Xperia Play runs a swift Snapdragon 1 Ghz processor, which is pretty darned rapid, so at 1.2 Ghz with a dual core the HP's processor is the daddy (although there are faster ones out there-but that's technology's progress for you) Storage wise the industry norm of 16 or 32 Gb is what you'd expect. However some very clever tricks up its sleeve is the renowned Beats Audio Speakers and built in Adobe Flash ( why ,Apple why?)

Screen resolution is an okay 1024 x 768 and it also features a 1.3 mp front facing camera.

As for WebOs itself it is rather slick ( although like I said before not Android Hp TouchPad!) . The main functionality to concern yourself with is the 'Card ' system very adequately explained by Logichp's introduction to WebOs .It's enough to say that WebOs is adequate to the job but might not be as fast as some other already mentioned Os's.

The HP TouchPad comes preloaded with a number of apps  including a none too bad web browser that features Flash, sometimes performance of the browser can be quite choppy though) It also has decnet attempts at an email system and note pad with Map functionality powered by Bing. The WebOs equivalent of the Appstore is the AppCatalog which has a very nice feature in the form of Pivot which acts as an introduction and advertising of the best apps, this feature is slick and good looking but only updates irregularly. For a website weaned on Apps if it's not Android market or Appstore then we're not impressed so our verdict for the apps was always going to be: Hp must try harder!
So overall not a bad tablet at all really but what with the likes of the Kindle Fire out there now you've got to carefully consider your options, I'd say if you can swing a good price then give it a try.

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