Friday 25 November 2011

Why Android Ice-cream is so Good

What innovations does the new version of Android have?

The new version of Android 4.0 operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich) take the best features of Gingerbread and it's predecessors and combines them to make a more user friendly os that is compliant with both tablets and smartphones. This article looks at some of the features of Ice-cream and why the sandwich is a good thing.


One of the better features of the tablet versions of Android (Honeycomb et al) was the ability to resize widgets. That's carried over into ice-cream and will prove useful for the precise placement of widgets anywhere and whatever size you want them to be on your homescreen.

Improved Android spell checking

As it becomes easier to send messages with our phones we've started to move away from traditional text speak and especially for business users need to regain a semblance of suavity and professionalism, the new spell checker that works in all messages should prove useful for this.


A dedicated multitasking button will prove useful for accessing recently closed and still running apps . It will prove to be both convenient and also improve your Android phones performance by being able to shutdown apps draining memory.

Android Camera

Ice-cream sandwich speeds up the Android camera even more with supposedly less or no lag between the button being pressed and the shutter working.


The notification system on Android is much admired by its rivals and very often copied a massive improvement will be that notifications can be seen even when the phone is locked and the contents of notifications can be seen , unlike previous versions that only indicated that you had a notification. 


Something native to iOS that Android users have wanted for a long time and only been able to access through Cyanogen and other mods is the screenshot facility. App reviewers in particular will love that you will now be able to take screenshots by pressing the home and volume button.


I've always found the copy/paste function to be a bit fiddly, ice-cream sandwich will make it that much easier with text just being highlighted and then dragged to its final destination.

Data Tracking Tool

There are lots of data tracker apps that can be had on the Android market, some of which I already use to make sure that my Xperia Play doesn't exceed its measly 500MB a month allowance from Vodafone, however the new os will bring a built in data tracker which should be very stable and reliable.

As we speak the new Android Os is being rolled out for a variety of Android powered phones, I've attempted to list here, when you can expect ice-cream sandwich for your handset.

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